About The Plans

Simplehome’s architectural designs are the heart of the website.  We have a few very small houses designed for people on strict budgets, and have some larger ones as well.  The important thing about a house though is not the size, but how it fits your life.  For us, that also means it’s simple to build, and doesn’t waste space or resources, the earth’s or yours.

We have 3 products available to help you realize your home-building project.

The 3D Sketchup Model allows you to view the inside and outside of the home, walk around it, look up or down and even make adjustments to it.  You can add furniture to the spaces, change the colors of the walls, and test the look of different materials.  The Model can be viewed with a free download of the Sketchup software from http://www.sketchup.com/.  If you’re curious about a particular Simplehome design, this is a very inexpensive way to take it for a test drive to see if you like it.

If you do enjoy the test drive, the Simplehome Design Plan Set contains the basic information you need for the next steps towards building your new home.  These drawings can be used as a basis for design changes and customization, finding a building site, preliminary cost estimating, or even early material and lumber take-offs.  The Design Plan Set PDF typically contains the main floor plan(s), exterior building elevations, building cross sections, and interior elevations of kitchen and other cabinetry.  The file can be printed at any Kinkos or other retail copying center.

For customization of the Design Plan Set we recommend purchasing the Autocad file. This allows a local architect, engineer, or home designer in your area to modify the plans for you.  Included with the Autocad file is the PDF file described above.

Please note that Simplehome Design Plan Sets are design drawings and not full working drawings or construction documents. As mentioned above, we recommend having an Architect or Engineer review the Design Plan Set to ensure compliance with local building authority requirements prior to construction.