The growing popularity of the "loft" in cities around the country suggests it might be time for a house designed like one. LP stands for "Loft Plan". This series of designs looks at the "loft" style of living in a detached house. The 1800 square foot house features an open kitchen, living, and dining area to make the house feel large and spacious. The open fireplace contains two large built in closets for storage. A concrete block wall wraps the bedroom and office space to identify the private zones of this open house. A single pitched roof of prefabricated structural insulated panels unifies all the spaces. The main part of the house is a post and beam structure infilled with operable windows and insulated panels to emphasize the open nature of the house. The kitchen and bathroom are grouped together for efficiency, and a radiant slab provides heat. As in a true loft, the interior spaces are flexible. The plan is shown here with a bedroom and home office, but the interior walls could be moved without affecting the structure, if a different configuration was preferred .

We have 3 products available to help you realize your home-building project. Each can be purchased by clicking on one of the order buttons on this page which will automatically take you to the PayPal website for secure order and credit card processing. After this, you will be able to download the file(s) immediately.

1. The 3D Sketchup Model allows you to view the inside and outside of the home, walk around it, look up or down and even make adjustments to it. You can add furniture to the spaces, change the colors of the walls, and test the look of different materials. The Model can be viewed with a free download of the Sketchup software from http://www.sketchup.com/. The cost of the model is $95.

2. The Design Plan Set PDF contains the main floor plan with dimensions & notes, all 4 exterior building Elevations with notes, 2 Building Cross Sections with notes, interior elevations of kitchen cabinetry & living room fireplace wall. Thumbnails of the Design Plan Set drawings can be seen by clicking on the image on the right side of this page. The cost of the Design Plan Set is $295.00 for a PDF file that you can have printed at any Kinkos or other retail copying center.

3. For customization of the Design Plan Set we recommend purchasing the Autocad file. This allows a local architect, engineer, or home designer in your area to modify the plans for you. The cost of the Autocad file for the Design Plan Set is $395.00 and includes the PDF file mentioned above.

Please note that Simplehome Design Plan Sets are design drawings and not full working drawings or construction documents. As mentioned above, we recommend having an Architect or Engineer review the Design Plan Set to ensure compliance with local building authority requirements prior to construction.