Simplehome gets it; the world doesn’t need another supermarket plan book showing 101 ways to put a hipped roof on a staggered, square box. Simplehome features the most relevant ideas in residential design and construction in concise, affordable packages available for immediate download anywhere in the world.

The economic depression of the 1930’s brought on what was then described as “the housing emergency” in contemporary journals. The Roosevelt administration believed encouraging home ownership could be a good strategy to stimulate the economy and created the FHA to provide government backed mortgage insurance. The ultimate result would be to ease the availability of credit for home purchases which at the time often required 30% to 50% down. Through the FHA, the government could reduce the required down payments and risk to lenders through the mortgage insurance program. The program worked, and what followed was a period of small house construction, usually two bedroom, one bathroom designs which could be built at prices that were affordable to a wide range of people. The result of these programs can be seen in many urban working class neighborhoods throughout the country represented by small modest bungalows designed in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s which make up some of the most desirable residential neighborhoods on the market today.

It was an incredible time for residential construction and design. The resurgence of the housing market and the end of the Second World War would produce an even greater surge in innovation driven by a new economic prosperity. The need was there and the technology was developing largely through industries involved in the war effort now focusing on peacetime activities. Many independent architects focused their attention on planning innovative modest houses to serve the new population. Books on modern housing were being written by noted architects and designers, and institutions and periodicals regularly featured innovations in design and materials often building demonstration houses on their grounds and exhibiting them to the public. Mainstream institutions like The Walker Art Center and the Museum of Modern Art played significant roles in highlighting ideas from modern architects focusing on solving “the housing emergency” that lasted well into the late 1950’s leaving a wealth of ideas for improving the design of the modest house that are still relevant but mostly forgotten today.

It’s now more important than ever that we consider the way our lives are impacted by the way we choose to live. Simplehome is striving to bring good design back to the modest house by reexamining past innovations in housing together with current ideas and technology to make affordable, simple, relevant houses available again.

The Simplehome Architects

Simplehome was founded in 1997 by two corporate architects looking for a creative outlet in which to explore alternative ways to make good design affordable. Our large project experience over the past 20 years gives us a different perspective on the problems of the single family house and the construction process. The plans on the web site represent continued research of both past trends in housing and current innovations in technology informed by millions of square feet of combined experience in commercial and residential architecture.